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Monday, 26. February 2024

CNC cutting
of textiles, foams, laminates, foils and leather
Computer-controlled cutting optimization guarantees maximum material utilization, cutting width up to 2.50 cm material width


Know-how, innovation and reliability, this is what the name Kunz stands for
in the world of technical textiles.

Material bonding technology is the core competence of the company. Individual, customized solutions are acquired customer and project oriented. Thus we are enabled to work quickly and flexibly in a widespread market.

Besides textiles and natural materials we also compound artificial materials, e.g. foam materials, foils, fleece, and leatherette, whether by various laminating, quilting, or classic sewing techniques.

Cuttings, punched parts, commission and manufacture complete our range of services reasonably and usefully.

Our employees' high level of skills and training gives you the guarantee of a standard high quality. Both our production sites are located in Germany. „Made in Germany” is still a symbol for quality, which we are maintaining, continuing and developing.
We combine what belongs together!


Kunz-Textil GmbH
Zum Bahndamm 11
08233 Hartmannsgrün
Phone: +49 (0) 374 68 / 6 65-0