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Monday, 22. July 2024

Processing Techniques | Lamination

Lamination is the bonding of different materials to form a multi-layer piece.

  • We laminate with PUR, CoPES, CoPS, EVA, polyolefine, latex and many special adhesives.

  • We laminate fleeces and foams (PUR, PE, PP, latex, EVA) with textiles, foils, leatherette, aluminium foils, …

Different materials require different lamination techniques.

  • Lamination with dispersion:
    Width: up to 1.70 metres

  • Powder lamination:
    Width: up to 2.50 metres

  • Hotmelt lamination:
    Width: up to 2.00 metres

  • Flame lamination:
    Width: up to 2.00 metres

  • Coating plant:
    Width: up to 2.00 metres

All processes can be combined with each other.

These processes are completed by print, laser, and punching techniques.

The production fields upholstery and quilting shop round out our portfolio.

All these diverse possibilities together with our long-term experience allow us to be responsive to your individual wishes.

We serve most different branches, e.g.

  • Automobile industry
  • Contract furnishings
  • Medicine orthopaedics
  • Shoe industry
  • Grinding agents industry
  • Cleaning industry
  • Mattress industry

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