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Sunday, 23. June 2024

Processing Techniques | Quilting Shop

Perfectly sewed – besides the standards we quilt most exceptional materials in most various quilting designs.

Even logos can be quilted in single-needle quilting technique. Our multi-needle as well as our single-needle quilting machines are equipped with modern CNC technology. We have several thousands of quilting patterns at our disposal. In case you need a pattern which is not in our portfolio, we can quickly and easily programme and quilt it. Customer and project oriented – that’s our motto. We match your individual demands.

For an extraordinarily good shape retention and durability there are more than 16 quilting machines working in our quilt shop, which can sew with up to 200 needles at the same time. Solid quality and innovative designs are achieved by the CNC controlled plants.

Besides synthetic fibres and natural materials we quilt all textile materials (fibres, textures, knitted or crocheted fabrics, fleece, felt). In the field of technological textiles foam materials, foils, leatherette, carbon and glass fibres are our daily business.

We use both lockstitch and double chainstitch and choose the suitable quilting technique according to application and demand.

Image-Source: Wikipedia
lockstitch / Image-Source: Wikipedia
double chainstitch / Image-Source: Overlock Nähmaschine.com
Double chainstitch


The variety of the processed materials and textiles is merely unlimited. Besides synthetic fibres and natural products like cotton, sheep’s wool and camel hair we also process technical textiles like felts, fleeces, foams, textures, knitted fabrics, laminates, crocheted fabrics, foils, latex and spacer fabrics.

A small extract from our portfolio:

  • Mattress covers
  • All round covers
  • Border covers
  • Border as rolled goods
  • Border as cutting
  • Air beds
  • Waterbed covers
  • Quilted rolled goods for mattresses
  • Contract quilting
  • Single-needle quilting
  • Bedheads
  • Padding parts
  • Seats
  • Insulating mats for caravanning
  • Insulating mats for aerospace
  • Flame protection covers
  • Bedspreads
  • Crawling blankets
  • Cushion covers
  • Dog blankets
  • Saddle blankets
  • Fitness mats
  • Insoles
  • Handle bars
  • Grip tapes
  • Quilted linings
  • and many more

Whether bulk goods, panels or ready-made articles, we respond customer and project orientated to your demands. We gladly serve as your competent and reliable counterpart.

Your contact person: Frederik Kunz

Kunz-Textil GmbH
Zum Bahndamm 11
08233 Hartmannsgrün
Phone: +49 (0) 374 68 / 6 65-0