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Monday, 22. July 2024

Processing Techniques | Lasering / Cutting and Punched Parts


The laser cutters have been newly utilised. By this high end technology edges are cut and sealed in one operation. The perforating and engraving of robust materials and the outstanding cutting quality are impressive.

We process a variety of materials, e.g.

  • Textiles
  • Leatherette
  • Paper/cardboard
  • Massive wood and wood materials
  • Various plastics and foams
  • Acrylic glass

Your contact person: Antonio Rondinelli

They always fit: Our punched parts

To complete our range of services we also punch heavy and robust materials. The CNC controlled punching plants work precisely and reliably and significantly reduce the production-related waste.

Your contact person: Antonio Rondinelli

Minimum consumption, maximum efficiency thanks to CNC cutter

With our computerized CNC cutter we cut materials up to 250 cm wide. The automatic optimisation of the pattern guarantees low material consumption and highest precision. The oscillating knife provides an accurate cut, the precondition for impeccable further processing.

Your contact person: Frederik Kunz

Longitudinal cut:

With our vast machine park we cut your materials to the desired size. We can do for you:

  • Continuous slicing by crush cutting
  • Continuous slicing by scissor cutting
  • Punching by round knives

Up to a width of 250 cm we cut all standard textiles as well as exceptional materials.

Your contact person: Frederik Kunz

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